Course categories

Online Clinical Training 

 Hiv Update For Mental Health ProvidersSummary
 DBT Distress Tolerance Skills: Helping the Clients (and Yourself) Through the Tough TimesSummary
 Overview Of Person Centered Planning in IndianaSummary
 Working With Resistant ClientsSummary

 Celebrate Recovery Inside - Volunteer Facilitator TrainingSummary
 Substance Abuse and AddictionsSummary
 Incorporating Smoking Cessation into TreatmentSummary

Child & Adolescent 
 Introduction to Trauma and Toxic Stress: Effects in Early Childhood Summary
 Self-Injurious Behaviors Gender And Cultural Issues Summary
 Common Mental Health Disorders in AdolescenceSummary
 Childhood Relationships & Reactive Attachment DisorderSummary
 Grief and Loss in Childhood Summary
 Case Management For Children and Adolescents in the New EraSummary

 Ethics RefresherSummary
 The Ethics of Group CounselingSummary
 Ethical Practice in a Multicultural Society: A Review of Professional CodesSummary

Practice Development & Management 
 Legal Issues in Mental HealthSummary
 Client Advocacy Summary
 Practice EvaluationSummary
 Team Leadership and Management SkillsSummary

Multicultural Issues 
 Burmese Culture in Indiana Summary
 Introduction to Cultural Competency Summary
 Multicultural Issues: Working with Sexual Minorities: GLBSummary

Older Adults 
 Elder Abuse & NeglectSummary
 Case Management for Older AdultsSummary
 Substance Abuse Among Older AdultsSummary

Smoking Cessation  
 Incorporating Smoking Cessation into TreatmentSummary

Primary Care Integration 
 Meeting The Behavioral And Medical Needs Of Individuals With Chronic Psychiatric Conditions Summary
 Health Navigator Overview Summary

HAP Documentation Requirements 
 HAP Documentation RequirementsSummary

Medication Management 
 Psychotropic Medications in Mental Health & Monitoring of Self- Administration
Leadership Series 
 Employee Corrective Action and DocumentationSummary
 Skills for Team Leadership and Management Summary
 Avoiding Harassment in the WorkplaceSummary
 Leadership-Delegation- Performance Evaluation Summary
 Communication & Team BuildingSummary
 Managing Employee to Employee ConflictSummary
 Interviewing & HiringSummary
 Speaking as a ManagerSummary
Criminal Justice Topics  
 Effective Addiction Treatment for Transitioning Ex- Offenders Summary
 Children at Risk: Meth Contamination Issues and Procedures Summary
 Addressing Behavioral Health Issues of Transitioning Ex-OffendersSummary
Traditional Case Management Program 
 Case Management OverviewSummary
 Working With Families & Crisis InterventionsSummary
 Strength-Based Practice & AssessmentSummary
 Interviewing & Cultural Awareness
 Pharmacology and Mental Health Summary
ASPIN Employee Training 
 ASPIN Annual Training 2017Summary
 ASPIN PowerPoint GuidelinesSummary
 ASPIN Technical OrientationSummary
Diabetes Education  
 Enhancing Primary Care for Persons with Mental Illness and/or Intellectual DisabilitySummary
 Improving Medication Adherence in People with SMI and/or ID and DiabetesSummary
 Increasing Physical Activity to Reduce Diabetes Risks in Individuals with SMI and/or IDSummary
 Nutrition for Diabetes Management and Prevention in People with SMI and/or ID Summary
 Understanding Diabetes, Intellectual Disabilities, and Serious Mental IllnessSummary
 Bowen Center Psychological First Aid | August 24, 2012
ASPIN Health Navigator 

Pre Certification  
 Navigator Pre Certification TrainingSummary

Continuing Education  
 Criminal Justice Involved Population Healthcare Enrollment Summary
 Criminal Justice Involved Population Healthcare Enrollment -TESTSummary
 HIP 2.0 UpdateSummary
 HIP 2.0 Update TESTSummary
 Veteran Healthcare Enrollment Navigator TrainingSummary
 Veteran Healthcare Enrollment TESTSummary
 Coverge to Care Summary
 Coverge to Care -TESTSummary
 Health Literacy Part Two: EligibilitySummary
 Health Literacy Part Two: Eligibility - TESTSummary
 Health Literacy Part One: Insurance Summary
 Health Literacy Part One: Insurance -TESTSummary