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Network Spotlight: Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana (ASPIN)

Our Network Spotlight this month features
Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana (ASPIN),
based in Indianapolis, IN. CEO/President Kathy Cook speaks with us about how their 21-year-old network has been successful in identifying opportunities to
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Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana, Inc.

d/b/a ASPIN is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit behavioral health provider and education network.
Incorporated in November of 1995 ASPIN offers access to clinical providers in over 50 locations throughout the state of Indiana.
The ASPIN Behavioral Health Clinical Network maintains CARF accreditation under the Business and Services Management Network accreditation standards. The Behavioral Health Clinical Network is also a certified Managed Care Provider (MCP) for the State of Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction.

The ASPIN Education Network is certified to provide continuing education credits for several clinical disciplines.

Our Mission:
“The mission of ASPIN is to provide innovative educational programs, resource management, program development, and network management in collaboration with all healthcare entities to address health disparities and whole health management.”

Who is ASPIN?
Milestones of Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana:

  • In FY 2014, ASPIN provider members served 61,275 clients residing in 89 of Indiana’s
    92 counties
  • ASPIN has served over 414,358 clients since it began as a network in 1995.
  • ASPIN administers approximately 9.9 million dollars annually to community mental health centers and addiction providers.
  • ASPIN has received over 3.3 million dollars from HRSA to conduct rural health outreach projects.
  • Since 1999 ASPIN has trained over 14000 Indiana mental health professionals/individuals.
  • ASPIN is in its eighth annual state contract to certify “Community Health Workers/ Certified Recovery Specialists”, training over 880 participants
  • ASPIN is a leader in innovative web based trainings, website development, and training facilitation, conference planning, video conferencing,  and offers online training covering over 60 topics in sixteen different subject areas.
  • ASPIN has initiated several integration projects: ASPIN Health, Primary Care Plus, Integrated Care through Education, Consumer Education, Telemedicine, and Veterans Behavioral Health.
  •  ASPIN has received national recognition for the statewide Medicaid Rehab Option Transformation Training Initiative, the Certified Recovery Specialist Program which is the only all electronic peer program nationally, and IVBHN, the first public–private partnership between the Veterans Administration and a private organization to provide tele-behavioral health services to Veterans.

    Membership Organizations
    Access to Services: Behavioral health services can be accessed through contact with any of the primary provider sites or secondary providers’ sites.
    For emergency services please use phone numbers listed at each web site.
    The primary providers include the following agencies: