Clinical Provider Network

Clinical Provider Network ASPIN is a behavioral health provider network comprised of accredited behavioral health providers covering most counties in Indiana. ASPIN currently holds a managed care provider contract with the State of Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions for five populations: chronically addicted (CA), seriously emotionally disturbed (SED), seriously mentally ill (SMI), gambling addictions (GAM) and assertive community treatment (ACT.)

The range of services offered through ASPIN includes:

• Individual Treatment

• 24-Hour Crisis

• Case management

• Outpatient / Intensive Outpatient Treatment

• Acute Inpatient Stabilization

• Residential Services

• Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization

• Family therapy

• Medication Evaluation and Monitoring

• Prevention & Early Intervention Services

• Vocational Services

• Management & Employee Assistance

• Specialized services for individuals who are Chronically Addicted, Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children, and Seriously Mentally Ill

Client Rights Letter: 
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Member Handbook: 

Access to Services

These services can be accessed through contact with any of the primary provider sites or over 50 secondary providers’ sites.

For emergency services please use the phone numbers listed at each web site