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Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317.471.0000
Fax: 317.735.0019

Corporate Address:
850 N. Harrison Street
Warsaw, IN 46580-3163

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About Us

Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana, Inc.
d/b/a ASPIN is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit behavioral health provider and education network.
Incorporated in November of 1995 ASPIN offers access to clinical providers in over 50 locations throughout the state of Indiana.

The ASPIN Behavioral Health Clinical Network maintains CARF accreditation under the Business and Services Management Network accreditation standards. The Behavioral Health Clinical Network is also a certified Managed Care Provider (MCP) for the State of Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction.

The ASPIN Education Network is certified to provide continuing education credits for several clinical disciplines.

Our Mission:
“The mission of ASPIN is to provide innovative educational programs, resource management, program development, and network management in collaboration with all healthcare entities to address health disparities and whole health management.”

Who is ASPIN?
Milestones of Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana:

  • In FY 2014, ASPIN provider members served 61,275 clients residing in 89 of Indiana’s
    92 counties
  • ASPIN has served over 414,358 clients since it began as a network in 1995.
  • ASPIN administers approximately 9.9 million dollars annually to community mental health centers and addiction providers.
  • ASPIN has received over 3.3 million dollars from HRSA to conduct rural health outreach projects.
  • ASPIN has trained over 13090 Indiana mental health professionals/individuals in the past 15 years.
  • What's New

    Join our team! ASPIN has job openings
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    ASPIN Health Navigator ELearning
    Available Online Courses:
    Indiana Navigator Pre- Certification Training | Cost 125.00
    CEU Courses:
    Health Literacy Part One: Insurance | Cost $25.00 - 1 CEU
    Health Literacy Part One: Eligibility | Cost $25.00 - 1 CEU
    HIP 2.0 Update | Cost $50.00 - 2 CEUs
    ASPIN Leadership Academy Courses:
    New Supervisor Webinar Series

    Three, 1 hour webinars
    Cost: Members: $25.00 Non-members: $50.00 per session
    1 CEU per session
    3:00 to 3:00 pm

    Session One
    Supervisory Basics 101
    Define the basic concepts of Supervision.
    Discuss the difference between Supervisor and employee.
    Define the basic terms every Supervisor must know.
    Winter- 2016 1/13/16

    Session Two
    Dealing with the Generations: A Guide for the New Supervisor
    Discuss communications in today’s digital workplace
    Explore how the generations interact and how to avoid conflicts
    Learn strategies for dealing with an age diverse workplace
    Winter 2016 - 2/10/16

    Session Three
    Legal Issues and Your Workforce
    Sexual and other harassment—why you are held to a higher standard
    ADA—do you know what a request for accommodation sounds like?
    Common wage and hour violations made by Supervisors
    Winter - 2016 - 3/9/16

    To Register for ASPIN Training Click Here

    Leadership Webinar Series
    Five, 2 hour webinars
    Cost: Members: $50.00 Non-members: $75.00, per session
    2 CEUs per session
    2:00 to 4:00 pm
    Session One:
    The Fundamentals of Leadership in Difficult Times
    Learn the qualities and characteristics of an effective leadership in time of change.
    Learn skills to survive organizational change.
    Examine the differences between leading and managing.
    Learn how to use leadership skills in a management role.

    Session Two:
    Delegation and Team Building: Surviving in Today’s Economic Times
    Explore why management often doesn’t delegate.
    Examine why employee resist delegation.
    The virtual team, managing & monitoring the virtual employee.

    Session Three:
    Communication in the Workplace with Today’s New Technology
    Discuss employee accountability in regards to communication in the workplace.
    Learn how to leverage new communication technology.
    Learn how to communicate across the generations.
    Discuss the various forms of electronic communication and how they affect the workplace.

    Session Four:
    Managing the Generations in the Workplace: Figuring Out How They Can All Work Together
    Heighten awareness and understanding of the generalized differences among generations.
    Increase effectiveness in the workplace without reinforcing stereotypes.
    Discuss the impact of the changing workforce demographics.
    Session Five:
    Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace: Creating a Safer Workplace.
    Identify three levels of conflict
    Be able to name the four types of workplace violence.
    Explore the effect of social media and workplace conflict.
    Discuss policies and procedures regarding workplace conflict.

    To Register for ASPIN Training Click Here

     Web based Self guided training $25 per CEU! Click
    HERE for a complete listing
    ASPIN Cancellation and Late Fee Policy:

    Cancellations for any fee-based ASPIN event must be made five (5) business days prior to the event, in order for fees to be refundable- NO EXCEPTIONS.
    All cancellations must be made in writing by either fax or email.

    Late Fee Registrations made after the published “Late Fee” date for any fee-based ASPIN event will incur a $10 late charge. These policies apply to both in-person and web-based trainings.

     Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana, Inc. (d.b.a. ASPIN) is a 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit network that operates five major service lines: third party contract administration, professional training, grants management, consumer education and workforce development, and technical assistance. “The mission of ASPIN is to provide innovative educational programs, resource management, program development, and network management in collaboration with all healthcare entities to address health disparities and whole health management.”

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